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Friday, February 12, 2010

Why did God create novelists?

Well, absolutely nobody knows the answer to that one, do they?

So let's just say we exist, and it's a fact.

What do novelists do all day? I'm a novelist, so I should know, but sometimes it's hard to explain.

We sit at our desks staring into space - this is called thinking and planning.

We look up a word in a dictionary or we Google something, and three hours later we are still reading the dictionary or Googling - this is called researching.

We write 3,000 words one day and delete them all the next day - this is called drafting and redrafting.

We suddenly start typing as fast as we can, wanting to have a panic attack but not having the time - this is called racing to meet a deadline.

So we think, we plan, we research, we draft, we redraft, we meet our deadlines.


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  1. And then we twitter and blog - this is called marketing. :)