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Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Book of the Month

I've been a bit slow about getting to grips with 2011 - can't believe it's 6th January already! Why is my life flashing past so quickly? What can I do to slow it down? I know, read a really boring book. Or maybe not - I'd much rather read a great one!

This brings me on to my book of the month for January, David Nicholls's brilliant, wonderful, superlative novel One Day, which certainly doesn't need endorsement from me (it's sold in zillions and is still selling in zillions), but is going to get my endorsement anyway.

It tells the story of Em and Dex, two students who meet just before they set off on their adventures in the cruel, hard world, and it catches up with them on the same day each year. It's one of those novels in which the writing is so real and so believable that Em and Dex become the reader's friends. I haven't cared about any fictional characters quite so much since I read To Kill A Mockingbird about a hundred years ago.

David Nicholls shows the rest of us how to do it.


  1. I've got this book on my Kindle (couldn't resist buying it) and hope to have the time to read it very soon.

  2. You'll love it - it is just so good, you won't want it to end. MXXX