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Monday, April 25, 2011

Looking for the next hero

At some point in the near future, I'm going to have to dream up a new hero, and I must admit I'm getting a bit panic-stricken.

I'm afraid the last few who've turned up for interview didn't really have what it takes. A couple of them got through the preliminary stages, but they failed to get the job. Just like Sirallun - or, as he probably prefers to be known nowadays, Lordshugger - in the end I had to say, you're fired.

Richard Armitage is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, as are Sean Bean and the ever-gorgeous Rufus Sewell. Okay, Trisha Ashley, I know RS is yours. But I need someone new, shining bright and just a bit special for my next novel.

Let's hope he wanders into my head some time soon and I see straight away that he's perfect.


  1. Great inspiration sources. Especially, Richard Armitage.

    I seem to have Bradley Cooper as mine currently. Can't complain.

  2. Bradley - he's quite appealing, I must admit!

  3. OK - you two take the ones you want, I'll have the third! I don't mind left-overs LOL. Nice heroes.

  4. I love Bradley Cooper! Very nice eyes.

  5. OMG -- sorry to go all girly-girl about it, but you picked two out of three of my married old lady crushes. And Rufus isn't bad either. Absolutely LOVE Richard! And Sean. But, really, Richard is well overdue for a US hit! Then he'd be in more movies that I could see over here and I would be so happy.

    Please excuse my gushing, but we clearly have the same taste in heroes.

  6. This is all very encouraging, ladies - I am clearly on the right track :-)

  7. Aah - Richard Armitage... but ...aye, Sean Bean! :-)

    My long time hero - David Boreanaz, a bit brash maybe but well, anyway....

  8. This is clearly not the right place for me.

  9. Hi,

    Blue eyed Richard Armitage for a night out of wining and dining, but moss green-eyed Sean Bean def for a good tumble in the hay!

    That said, DR Daniel Grainger (BBC1 Doctors series) caught my eye one lunchtime (1-45pm). His arrogant persona superb and perfect inspiration for a specific hero in a contemporary novel, though he's now featured in a historical as rake! ;)