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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had a great time at Exeter Roman Gate Waterstone's this afternoon, meeting customers and signing copies of The Silver Locket and The Golden Chain.

The event was made special for me because several of my friends from Exeter Writers came along and bought books - thank you, everyone!

Thank you also to Montezuma, who supplied a lovely big box of chocolate truffles and bars of delicious plain chocolate, which proved to be a big hit with customers - except for one iron-willed Marine who stopped to chat for a while, but resolutely refused to sample a truffle as he told me about going on dangerous missions in Afghanistan...


  1. Ooh, sounds like you might have found some inspiration for furture work there!
    Well done on the signing.

  2. Oh, absolutely, it all goes on to the mental compost heap, doesn't it? Soldiers (tick), wartime (tick), dangerous missions (tick).

  3. How fantastic! I'm coming to Exeter in the summer hols, maybe we could do a joint thingie somewhere? Although my mother has threatened to boycott anything to do with books (apparently, I write 'smut'. (This is my 'proud' face)

  4. Oh, wish I could have been there! So glad it went well!

  5. Thank you, Christina and Jane! We need to storm the West Country in a posse - let's get Luke on the case :-)

  6. It was an honour to have you sign my copy, Margaret. I hope you sell squillions!

  7. Thank you, Cathie, and thank you for coming along!