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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Early 20th century fashion - love it!

If you're loving Downton Abbey, you're probably also loving the fashions. I'm totally hooked, and have got out my grandmother's pearls to wear with my - er - jeans? I need some new clothes, immediately! Yes, I know - any excuse...

I love reading and writing about this period of history, and hope lots of other readers do, too. Anyone with a Kindle or who wants to download books electronically on to a PC can find my novel The Silver Locket, set during WW1 and featuring a beautiful country house, on offer right now at http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Silver-Locket-ebook/dp/B004D4ZYTQ/ref=zg_bs_362279031_37.


  1. OH Margaret I am with you ob the clothes, so elegant. As for elegant reading, I have read your wonderful book The Silver Locket and such a beautiful read. The Golden Chain is on my reading list and can't wait to get to it. Hugs x

  2. Thank you, Pauline! Did you see on FB I've got the gloves? I just need the rest of the look now. Magnolia House is on my Kindle bookshelf and I'm looking forward to reading it very soon. MXXX

  3. I'm loving Downton and wish we could wear those clothes now they're so beautiful

  4. Me too, Debs! I'm hoping to do some publicity events next year which will involve dressing up - quite fancy a lovely hat...