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Friday, May 4, 2012

Countdown to publication

It's always exciting when a new novel is published, and I'm excited about seeing my latest title, the paperback version of The Penny Bangle, in print.  It should be hitting selected branches of Waterstones and most of the travel branches of W H Smith on Monday 7 May.

I feel quite sad that I've now finished the Dorset trilogy.  When these novels were published in hardback I hoped they would end up in paperback, and it's great that they have done so, in longer and more in-depth versions than the hardbacks. They're in large print and audio formats, too. It's quite spooky, hearing someone else read your work, but Julie Teal has done a fantastic job of reading mine.

So it's time to say goodbye and get to know some other characters, which is what I am doing now. But Rose Courtenay and her friends and family have been a big part of my imaginative life for so long that I don't think I'll ever forget them!


  1. Beautiful covers. Hopefully your new characters will be wonderful company for you. Xxx

  2. I look forward to reading THE PENNY BANGLE. Gorgeous covers to the whole trilogy. Good luck.

  3. All best wishes for the launch of The Penny Bangle, Margaret x


  4. Thank you, ladies - big hugs! MXXX

  5. Congratulations!

    I'm looking forward to reading the final installment. I loved the other two.

    It's sad saying goodbye to characters, but there are always the new ones, waiting in the wings ......

  6. Very true about new characters waiting in the dimly-lit cellars of the subconscious, Juliet! It's very exciting when they start to stagger out into the light of day.

  7. Hi,

    I've been waiting on this one! Yipee, it's out...


  8. Thank you, Francine - I hope you enjoy it! MX