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Monday, July 9, 2012

RNA Conference

Just in case anyone has forgotten  - it's the RNA Conference in Penrith this coming weekend. The shoes, the frocks, the networking, the NOISE - I am looking forward to meeting everyone again and having a good time, even if it does rain.

Must remember to pack the Neurofen.

The Lake District is still there, I hope, and hasn't degenerated into one big Lake with no District...


  1. Have a lovely time, Margaret; I look forwards to hearing all about it!

  2. You'll probably be able to hear us from where you live, Chris - it's not so far from South Wales! You'll definitely hear all about it. We'll hope to see you again soon. MXXX

  3. We'll have a drink on your behalf, Chris. Just the one. Several straws. Wish you were coming...

  4. Oh yes! You Romantics have such fun!! All we teen crime fics get to do is graffiti bus stops!