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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time slipping - bargain price...

I would love to write a new time slip novel.  I have lots of outlines in my folders and files, and one day I'm sure I'll get round to it. If I'd had a different life, and made different choices, I would probably have become an archaeologist, so writing time slip perhaps has a natural attraction for me. I can dig into the past in all sorts of ways!

I really enjoyed writing a novel called Elegy for a Queen, which is currently available as an ebook at the bargain price of 77p or $1.17. I'd love to get some up-to-date feedback from readers. What is it about time slip which attracts so many readers and - I have to admit - turns other readers off?

Any thoughts?





  1. One of the issues with time slip novels is getting drawn into one time period more than the other and rushing through the next bit to get back to it!

    I've not read loads but I enjoyed Peter Robinson's In a Dry Season though probably my most favourite is Daphne du Maurier's The House on the Strand where I was equally happy in both time periods. But then, perhaps that's not a true time slip because the same protagonist is in both!

  2. I absolutely love The House on the Strand which I suppose is as much time travel as time slip, but I think it qualifies on both counts. You might enjoy Amanda James's time travel novel A Stitch in Time, Wendy, which is also a blend of both and a great read - check out all those five star reviews!

  3. Thanks, Margaret. I'll do that. :-)

  4. Thanks margaret james...i will do that definitely.this is such a nice blog.