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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ebooks - the takeover begins...

Or actually, it began years ago when someone first realised you could sell books this way. Most publishers these days buy ebook rights as a matter of course, and some authors find ebooks outsell print copies easily.

How long will it be before the printed book goes the way of the spinning wheel and the manual typewriter? I've still got my own Smith Corona manual, on which I typed my first novel, tucked away in the back of a cupboard for when the revolution comes and I need it. But could I touch-type perfectly now? I doubt it!

I read my first whole book on an ipad last weekend. I enjoyed the reading experience. So now I feel like a traitor. But should I?


  1. Hi,

    When hubby bought me a Kindle sense of "traitor" came with it. But, in recent months a lot of self-pubbed books I've read are books I wouldn't have been able to simply because they are never going to be in paperback format. And, to be honest, the Kindle is so neat and easily fits in a pocket that I wouldn't be without it.


  2. There's lots of really good self-published fiction and non-fiction out there, and it deserves to be read. Putting my own backlist on Kindle is something I'll have to get round to doing one day!