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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exeter library talk

Last Wednesday saw hordes of enthusiastic readers and writers converging on Exeter Central Library to hear Romantic Novel of the Year 2012 Award Winner Jane Lovering, prolific short story writer (300 or more published and many more to come) and novelist Linda Mitchelmore and I telling a capacity audience how to do it - write women's interest fiction, of course.

It was a great evening with lots of wine being drunk and lots of books being sold. The three novelists had a good time and were sympathetically supervised by chairman Cathie Hartigan.

It was a huge pleasure to meet Jane Lovering's best friend Lyn Chadwick.  These two were apparently the naughtiest girls in the school. I don't know if they've grown out of being naughty, but they're both lovely people!

The photograph of Lyn, Linda and me was taken by Lyn's son. I don't know where Jane was at that moment. Maybe being naughty somewhere?


  1. I *think* I might have been drinking, Margaret. In fact, I was, almost certainly, drinking. And it was such a nice evening, and everyone was so lovely...

    And me? Naughty? How could you think such a ...oh, right, you know me, yes, I was forgetting.

  2. And the world needs more events like these - especially since Waterstones have just decided to ban the majority of book signings! What a short sighted thing to do...

  3. This directive has apparently come from on high from the CEO - please correct me if I'm wrong, Waterstone's CEO - who must have his reasons. As a writer, I would like to know these reasons...