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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silver Jubilee - special guest post by author Martin King

I have a guest on my blog today - author Martin King, who has set himself the challenge of writing a guest post for 100 blogs and websites over the month of August 2011. Welcome to my blog, Martin, and thank you for sharing your childhood memories with us!

Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee

"This event only came round once, never to be repeated. I can see you are gathering round close in anticipation. The event I am referring to is the Queen’s – and not just any monarch, the Queen of England – Silver Jubilee!

Older people will remember it well and the younger ones won’t at all. But it was a massive event in its time. I was nine at the time and remembered we all got a commemorative silver coin in celebration of the event. The year was 1977 and I attended Gisburn Road School.

To celebrate the event, our school put on a special sports day. So instead of giving us the day off, we still went to school, but everyone got to have fun. Well when I say everyone, that was most kids except me.

The sports event was held in Victory Park and I can remember competing in the ‘egg and spoon’ race and the ‘bean bag’ race already. I loved sports, possibly because I was good at them and also because I had boundless amounts of energy.

Me and a friend were larking about in between events. Nothing bad, we were just letting steam off. Well one teacher didn’t take kindly to what we were doing. We were told off and sent back to school. Imagine that, on such an important day and that teacher deprived me and a friend our chance to have a special memory of such an important and regal occasion."

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  1. The Queen's Silver Jubilee? I watched her Coronation, sitting on the floor of a neighbour's house. There were about 20 people in her small front room, all gathered round a huge walnut cabinet bearing a tiny b&w TV screen, about 9", and listening to the plum-voiced commentator.
    Oddly, I don't recall where I was for the Silver Jubilee, though. Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. I was at a street party - I remember it well, everyone had a great time, but by the evening we had forgotten why we were partying, ahem :-)

  3. I can't say I remember that day in 1977 since I wasn't around yet, but it would have been lovely to watch. It's so unfair that your teacher wouldn't let you celebrate, Martin. What a grumpy teacher! ;)