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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Busy in the Library

You've always thought libraries were quiet places full of sharp-nosed, grey-haired librarians glaring suspiciously at people who actually dare to touch their books? You didn't really, did you? Well, if you ever did, an afternoon spent at Exeter Central Library celebrating the launch of Libraries Unlimited would have changed your mind forever. Here are some of the authors and staff at the event.

Libraries Unlimited is a new initiative dedicated to involving the whole community in reading and information-sharing. Devon is proud to be part of this new way of involving local communities and making everyone feel welcome in a public library.

Yesterday was a joyous occasion. The brilliant, multi-award-winning novelist Michael Morpurgo made an impassioned case for our free public libraries to be seen as just as important to us all as our free National Health Service, and we  - authors, readers, friends of libraries and library users in general - all agreed with him.

I'm a member of a team of authors who are collectively Creative Writing Matters, and here is what we have to say about libraries in the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzMQnlKSpZg&list=PLL0HI7pPaaFtauVFJQKvNr7QgV1oK9jtD&index=12

So use your libraries, people! They're there for you. You don't even have to borrow books, even though (speaking as a novelist) it would be nice if you do. Go there to use the free wi-fi, have a bun in a library cafe, meet friends, do some work, have a little doze and generally enjoy being in a literary space. You'll love it, I promise you!