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Monday, July 15, 2013

RNA Conference 2013 - the hot pix!

The RNA Conference 2013 was held in tropical Sheffield, and my goodness it was hot.  We were based on one of Sheffield University's sites, The Edge, which is a beautifully designed and landscaped place on the edge (fancy that) of the city. The lake was especially lovely and as I walked around it on Saturday morning I was very tempted to kick off my shoes and have a paddle.  But I didn't want to scare the moorhen chicks.

As usual, Conference Organisers Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson did a fantastic job of finding a great conference venue and making sure everything ran like clockwork. Well done, huge thanks and even huger hugs to Jan and Roger - two bright twinklers in the RNA heavens!

I took a few photographs of us all having a great time - that is, working really hard and being inspired by the excellent speakers Jan and Roger lined up for us. I was sad to leave and am already looking forward to the RNA Conference 2014.

At the Saturday night gala dinner - here is the lovely Jan Jones, Conference Organiser and all-round good egg!  Thank so much, Jan - you did a fantastic job.

...and here is Jane Lovering, RNA Major Award Winner in 2012, sitting next to Roger Sanderson, Jan's fellow Organiser and equally good egg.

Of course, my local RNA Chapter - The Devon Violets - sent a contingent to the conference. Here are Su Bristow, Cathie Hartigan and my lovely self getting ready to stuff our faces with roast duck, followed by vanilla bean cheesecake - delicious!

We actually did quite a lot of work.  I talked to lots of writers and now have most of my Writing Magazine articles for 2014 mapped out and organised - thank you, RNA members! 

Finally - here are my fellow Choc Lit authors Christine Stovell and RNA Chairman Pia Fenton, AKA Christina Courtenay, discussing weighty matters like plot, characterisation, structure, narrative viewpoint, and fancying a glass of something cold and white.

I'm sure a great time was had by all. Thank you, RNA - you've been my inspiration throughout my writing life, and I know you will always continue to be.


  1. Looks like you all had a fun time! Lovely pics of everybody. Sheffield must be extremely quiet this morning!

  2. It was a brilliant conference Margaret, and lovely to see you again. Remember the champagne and strawberries that first night - what a lovely idea on a summer evening.

  3. I hear you set Sheffield alight ;-)

  4. Did you see the flames, Steve? By heck, it's hot up north...

  5. It was lovely seeing everyone, Margaret... although, as usual, I still didn't get as much time to talk to everyone as I hoped. I hope the remainder of your journey home after I left you at Birmingham went smoothly. I nearly melted on the second train it was so hot! Cx

  6. That is such a lovely photo of the three of you. It sounds like a brilliant weekend- makes me wish I wrote romantic fiction!

  7. Fabulous post, Margaret. I so enjoyed reading all the conference updates and viewing all the lovely snaps over the weekend. This post brings it all to life. So pleased all went well and that everyone had such a great time. One day, I hope to finally get to conference x

  8. Kath, one day you might! Jan, hope to see you there next year. It's at the North Pole. Or maybe it's Telford?

  9. Chris, we were fine until Taunton when the cricket fans got on - noisy bunch!

  10. Funny, but I can't remember discussing anything that serious ... :-D

  11. Sounds fun- always love events where you get to mingle with lots of writers!

  12. Such adorable photos from RNA Conference! Hey, my office Christmas party will be organized at popular New York venues. I am quite confused about party outfit. I wonder if you have any inspirations for me then please share here!