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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Library event

Let's get a bit ahead of ourselves here, shall we - but people's diaries do fill up!

Linda Mitchelmore, Sophie King and I are doing a library event in Exeter on the afternoon of 24th November, when we'll be talking about all aspects of romantic and relationship fiction - short stories, historical fiction, contemporary fiction - so we should be able to cover everything between us.

We'll be inviting lots of questions from readers and writers, and will do our best to help anyone who is trudging along the rocky road to publication, whatever goal they have in sight.

Do roads lead to goals?


  1. I would love to come to this but having a toddler doesn't really permit me too. Please do let me know if you do anything like this nearer to Essex....

  2. I certainly will, Lucie. Sue Moorcroft is a bit nearer your part of the world, so keep your eye on what she is doing, too?

  3. Have put it in the diary, Margaret.

  4. Oh, really? OK ill definitely keep my eye out, thanks!

  5. I had a look on Sue's blog and saw that she was doing a talk on 16th Aug in London. So i will be attending that. It will be my first experience with anything writing related so i am really excited. Thought i would let you know.

  6. She's a really good speaker, very approachable and friendly. Do say hi from me!