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Friday, April 22, 2011

A lovely sight for an author's eyes...

I've been away from home for a week, am now catching up on my emails, and have found a really exciting one among them. A friend of my publisher spotted this display in her local WHS. Aha, I thought, see those stickers - this means they're firm sales, I hope, and the books can't be sent back to the warehouse...

Please don't correct me if I'm wrong - let me cherish my illusion over the Easter weekend!

Who's that girl on the cover, I wonder? Many thanks to lovely Kathryn Eastman, who has almost certainly established the identity of the girl on the front cover of The Silver Locket. But this girl on The Golden Chain - does anyone know who she might be?


  1. That's a great looking display, Margaret. How exciting! I'm so looking forward to reading The Gold Chain

  2. Hello Margaret, what a wonderful display of your books. I've just downloaded your book, The Silver Locket onto my Kindle, I'm enjoying it. I've writing to do, but I can hear your book calling me to the garden to read....It will win in the end....laugh!

  3. Hi Margaret - what a terrific display. And a lovely cover, too. Hope you find out who the girl is.

  4. Maybe she or one of her relations or descendents will see the cover and contact me - now that would be spooky!

  5. That is a beautiful display, and it is such a classy cover! Best of luck with the new release.

  6. That's some gorgeous display! Oh my, Margaret...just...oh my!