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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've just read a post on Lucie Wheeler's blog about J K Rowling, and am copying my comment to my own blog now.

I've read and re-read all the Harry Potter books, don't know quite why because I don't read any other children's books unless they've been written by my friends. So it must be magic. At the moment, I am re-reading Order of the Phoenix, which is probably my favourite, even though Sirius dies, boo hoo (sorry if that's a spoiler, guys).

JKR is living proof that some people can have it all, but we're not allowed to write about people like that in novels, are we - we would be accused of making our characters unbelievable. Yes, life is much stranger than fiction...


  1. Good point, Margaret. But life is also a lot more boring than fiction... it's always bothered me that no-one in books ever goes to the loo (I know we don't necessarily want to read about that, but...) where sometimes, in real life, the most important conversations are had and the most important decisions reached. More toilets, say I!

  2. Well, Jane - a lot of stuff goes on in toilets in the Harry Potter books!

  3. I have a toilet scene in my book, Jane. Although no actual 'going' to the toilet happens. Maybe that's where I am going wrong... ;-p