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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Party party party

I had a lovely day yesterday at the RONA Awards ceremony, at which many of my friends scooped prizes in their categories. It was especially lovely to see my fellow Choc Lit authors Christina Courtenay and Jane Lovering win the Historical and Romantic Comedy Awards for their brilliant novels Highland Storms and Please Don't Stop the Music.

The lovely Katie Fforde won in the Contemporary Romance category, the equally lovely Sarah Mallory won the RONA Rose for a shorter romantic novel, and the amazing Rosie Thomas, at whose feel I regularly fall and admire both as a novelist and a fearless explorer who has gone to some of the world's most terrifying places in the course of her research, won the Epic Romance Award.

Too many lovelies, I know - but I do feel very happy today, so I feel I am allowed.

Who will win the overall award to become Romantic Novelist of the Year 2012? We'll find out in May!


  1. You are allowed to have lots of lovelies on a subject so happy :-) Fantastic news for all the winners x

  2. Was very exciting watching it all unfold on twitter - must have been wonderful to be there. Lovely is one of my favourite words:) And an awesome result for Choc Lit. Well done again Pia and Jane and good luck for May!

  3. Super blog, Margaret. It was such a good day, and such a good result for Choc Lit, winning two of the categories.

    Liz X

    1. Yes, a great day, Liz - everything twisted for May now!