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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The ebook revolution gathers pace...

Publishing is changing - well, we all know this.

But it's changing in a way that means the reading public will now have much more choice when it comes to making decisions about what they really want to read.

So you're commercially published, but your publisher doesn't get round to putting your books out there as ebook downloads. What do you do?

You do it yourself, as Valerie Holmes is, with her huge backlist (thirty titles and counting) of novelettes originally published by D C Thomson and Ulverscroft.

Valerie's stories are fun, adventurous and feature lively, feisty heroines who get what they want. They make great short reads.


Valerie intends to publish all her novelettes as ebooks and has commissioned a designer to produce attractive artwork for them. She says:

"I thought about trying to bodge up a cover. Then I thought - better try and look professional because I have thirty titles to send out, so why not develop an idea. So I contacted a professional, pitching the idea of committing us both to an ongoing relationship for the duration of the 30. Hence the idea of Valerie Holmes: Romantic Adventures was born.

"The designer came up trumps so long as I settled for illustrations with a themed header. Sounded good to me, so I have taken the plunge. I am now doing over-writes to make all my books that bit better ( I hope).

"Moving On is first to be published as it was short-listed for an RNA award most recently. Stolen Treasure will be next so that a historical title follows."

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