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Monday, July 16, 2012

RNA Conference - Part 2

Well - as always, a fab time was had by all. The Lake District setting was lovely, the sun came out for at least twenty minutes, and the company was great. I met lots of old friends and also made some new ones. Or at least I think I made some new ones. I'll know for sure if they avoid me next time.

There's lots of stuff about the conference on Facebook, so I won't describe it all over again, but I must put my thanks to the wonderful Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson on record. They organised the conference, they did all the work, and they made it happen.  So thank you, Jan and Roger, you twinkle brightly.

Thank you also to the speakers whose sessions were all inspirational.  I came home with half a new novel in my head! I need to get it down on screen now.  It will look better there.

As always, the shoes were amazing. You can see some of them on the RNA blog at http://romanticnovelistsassociationblog.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. I concur, wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful surroundings and wonderful inspiration! Couldn't have wished for more. And lovely to see you, Margaret, as ever!

  2. How many empties were put out at the end?? x

  3. You mean milk bottles, Carol? Oh, about three, I believe!

    Thank you, Jane. You'll see me again in August, wearing my author hat and looking authorly for Exeter Library. Or maybe not looking authorly. Maybe looking merely weird.

  4. It was great, Margaret. I'm glad I made it this year. I came back inspired, energised and ready to go - and with a signed copy of 'The Golden Chain' to devour.

    Hurrah! Happy writing, cariad.


  5. Thank you, Juliet - and all of everything crossed for the Welsh Book of the Year Award! MX