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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Creative Writing Student's Handbook - are you a writer?

It's the beginning of October, which means there is a new chapter of The Creative Writing Student's Handbook up on the Creative Writing Matters website - and it's free for a whole month.

This new chapter deals with the actuality of being a writer.  What do writers do all day? What inspires and what depresses them? Do they think writing is worthwhile? If you decided you wanted to write, where should you start?

After you've read the chapter, please comment if you wish.  Cathie Hartigan and I would love to hear from you.


  1. what do writers do all day? Seriously? Drink too much coffee...do too much research..indulge in too much distraction therapy ..ohh and occasionally, do some writing!

  2. What about the highs and the lows? One day you feel really pleased with how things are going, how well the words are coming together, the characters feel real.... And then the next day things don't seem to be going well, the (same) words don't seem to have come together at all, the characters feel decidedly UNreal... Writers' Oscillation Syndrome, I think it should be called... Only cure - keep writing!

  3. Thank you, ladies - we've taken your comments on board and and are keeping notes for when we publish the complete book.