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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Loves Me, Loves Me Not launch in Paignton, Devon, on Monday February 8th 2010:

Linda Mitchelmore and Margaret James write:

As contributors to the RNA’s golden anniversary anthology of short stories, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, we were delighted to be invited to the Torbay Bookshop in Paignton to meet readers and other writers, and to sign copies of the anthology.

Although the day of the signing turned out to be as cold and wet as most English winter evenings, dozens of people came along to see us and buy books. Torbay Bookshop owners Sarah and Matthew made us very welcome indeed, and provided wine and fruit juice for everyone.

The Torbay Bookshop is one of the most successful and most highly-regarded independent booksellers in the whole of the UK, and we were thrilled to be able to take part in an event in such a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


  1. Well done, Margaret, on setting up your blog. May it go from strength to strength.
    Very best wishes,
    Margaret P

  2. That's great, Margaret. I must admit I was doubtful that people would turn out. It's a great Anthology. The stories are all interesting, entertaining and so varied! If only all anthologies were so good.