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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Climb every mountain...

Today, I finally decided that yes, I definitely, definitely am going to write the novel that's been simmering at the back of my brain for ages. Well, for a couple of years.

So I made a chapter plan. Making a chapter plan is like arriving at base camp, staring up at the mountain you've got to climb, and wondering if you should just go home again. But at least you've got to base camp. So now, you might as well have a go at climbing the flipping mountain.

I know I must stop looking for displacement activities, but today I realised that Facebooking, Tweeting and checking my inbox every five minutes have a certain charm. Oh, and so does blogging...


  1. Hi,

    I can so relate the charm aspect of blogging and, have refused to succumb to flirtation with Twitter & Facebook. I think of the latter as demons sent to distract from my greatest love writing, next to that of BH, of course.

    Oh, and mountains . . . hmm, sort of got to the top of one then on the way back to base camp I realised the first few steps, though memorable had lost sense of impact. Am now re-writing start of first chapter of that historical, and can see exactly why the heroine had been screaming at my back, her voice hanging on the wind of my ascent and descent. I hate when that happens! ;)


  2. Angels and demons, I think - FB and Twitter get your name out there and make other people aware of you...

    Good that your heroine is talking to you. It's when she stops that you need to worry. Good luck with the novel, and when you finally succumb to FB let's be FB friends!