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Friday, August 10, 2012

On the buses

Last month, I was delighted to be asked to take part in a summer reading promotion organised by National Express, the UK's major coach operator running services to most UK airports. National Express chose my novel The Penny Bangle as one of the holiday reads offered to travellers on their way to hopefully sunnier climates, although today it's very sunny in Devon, where I am lucky enough to live.

The photoshoot was at Birmingham coach station on a very dull and blustery day - we had a lot of those in July - but ace photographer Adam Fradgley worked his magic and produced a happy, smiley photograph of me not looking as if I was about to fall off a wobbling pile of suitcases.

You can read more about my adventures and other book promotions on this link - http://www.kidderminstershuttle.co.uk/shuttlextra/lifestyle/9864870.Just_the_ticket_for_a_coach_trip/
But if you want a free book you'll have to be on an airport run from Birmingham coach station some time this summer!


  1. Sounds such fun! I love Nat Express coaches. Happy memories of travelling on them as a student.

  2. Brilliant, Margaret! Lucky people getting your book. I'm sorry we can't see the suitcases.

  3. They were possessed by demons which made them wobble.

  4. Bless, Steve - and you said very nice things about it, too.

  5. What fun though, Margaret! Hope you had make-up artists and hairdressers just like the Supermodels do x

  6. Sounds fun and your book out to all those passengers. Well done. x

  7. It was fun. Adam was very good and putting me at my ease and making me laugh. He's very experienced, though - and he works in more dangerous places than Birmingham bus station!