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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something new, something blue...

I've been a historical novelist for many years now.  But last year I decided it was time to try something new. So I wrote a contemporary romantic comedy.

This is a new take on Cinderella, complete with Cinderella herself, a lovely Prince Charming (well, I love him, anyway), an absolutely terrifying Fairy Godmother (well, she scared the life out of me) and two not-so-ugly sisters. As yet, there isn't a pumpkin and the story doesn't feature black rats or white mice, but I have to do the revisions and editorial stuff yet. So there's time...

I don't know if I'll go on writing romantic comedy, but I do know I had great fun writing this book. There's a second romantic comedy bubbling away on my back burner, so I may find I have to write it next.  Sorry, historical novel which is half written but sticking a bit, you might have to wait a while.

If any writer reading this post is wondering about striking out in a new literary direction - go on, give it a try, and you might surprise yourself. 

I surprised me.


  1. Absolutely agree with this, Margaret. I write mainly YA, but I've written a couple of historical novels (including the one I'm working on at the moment). It's fun and a challenge to step out of one's genre. The same applies to reading too - I've started reading some 'romance/chicklit'.

  2. Yay! Well done, Margaret! Love the sound of this - and I totally adore that cover. Perfect! :)