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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What will 2013 bring?

We in the English-speaking world start our new year on 1 January, just after the sun has started edging its way towards us again, or rather as our planet tilts on its axis and we edge a little bit nearer the sun. Let's hope the UK has a better summer this year, with some actual sunshine from time to time!

I see a lot of my Facebook friends are making New Year resolutions, but a lot of them aren't. I think it's always a good plan to take stock once a year or so, and 1 January seems as good a time as any to do it.

My resolution is to use my time more effectively and try to have something to show for every working day, even if it's only a full litter bin. Sometimes, I find I have to write myself into a corner before I can turn round, growling fiercely, and write myself right out of it again. Let's be inspired by the success of a certain E L James, who The Guardian newspaper reckons earned a massive £42,000,000 last year!




Okay, money isn't everything. But wouldn't it be lovely to be able to play around with such a fantastic sum? I wonder what E L James will do with all that dosh? Maybe she'll tell us one day. She looks very happy, anyway...

The photograph is taken from The Guardian link above and is by Michael Lionstar.

Happy New Year, readers, wherever you are and whatever you do - and may the sun shine on you.


  1. hahaha. The writer above owes her success to US the readers, not to HER, the writer. I don't make resolutions any more - though I do set goals: the main one being to finish the Victorian novel and get it on a publishing track of some sort. I hope many of us will achieve 'success' in this area - and look forward to sharing their experiences over the next 12 months.

  2. I don't want her fortune - but I would like an introduction to her photographer! Sigh, to look that radiant...although, come to think of it, £42,000,000 would probably make me look fairly radiant.. Good luck with your resolutions, Margaret, and here's looking forward to a fantastic 2013!

  3. I like your resolution of getting one thing done each day - sounds like a great plan! I think I'll try that as well :)

  4. Imagine how many radiant smiles you could create with that amount of money!