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Friday, August 20, 2010

Brit Awards

The Brit Awards website at www.britwriters.co.uk says: we’re happy to tell you that we’re now accepting submissions for BWA Unpublished 2011. The official deadline is 5pm (UK time) on Friday 25 February 2011, but we’re closing the competition once we receive 20,000 submissions.

The website adds: the ceremony for the Brit Writers' Awards Unpublished 2010 took place on Thursday 15 July and our first ever Unpublished Writer of the Year was crowned! Former teacher Catherine Cooper from Shropshire won the £10,000 prize for her children's novel The Golden Acorn: The Adventures of Jack Brenin.

There were lots of other prizewinners, too - so this competition is definitely one for people who are yet to be published to bear in mind!


  1. Hello

    I've just read your comment above.
    I was last years winner of the Brit Writers Awards. My book, The Golden Acorn scooped two awards, the first was for 'Best Story for Children' and I then went on to be awarded 'Best Writer of 2010'. A year has passed since I won the awards so I thought you might like an update. The full press releases can be found on my website at www.pengridion.co.uk but in short, my book went to the Frankfurt, Bologna and London Book Fairs and is now available world wide in several languages. The biggest event was earlier this year when a Hollywood film company approached us. We've now signed the film rights and hopefully, in the not too distant future, I'll be able to see my book on the big screen.

    It's been quite a journey... my publishers have a headline for me... From Self-Published to Hollywood in 18 months! You can read the full story of my journey on my website.

    I wish everyone who has entered this year's Brit Writers' Awards the very best luck. I'll be at the award ceremony in October so if you are reading this and you get through to the final please come and say hello.

    Kind regards,
    Catherine Cooper

  2. That is absolutely brilliant, Catherine - what a wonderful story, and how excited you must be! Many, many congratulations. You're an inspiration to us all!

    Margaret XXX

  3. Thank you Margaret...

    I wish everyone well with their entries.

    What I forgot to say to you was... it was my own self-published version of The Golden Acorn that made it into the film producers hands. That might give hope to every self-published author reading your blog.

    Bye for now

  4. That makes it even more brilliant - well done you! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie one day. MXXX