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Monday, October 29, 2012

Perfect Partners

Yes, writing can be a lonely business, sitting in a silent room all by yourself, tapping away on a keyboard, wondering if anyone is ever going to read what you write, let alone say anything nice about it. But writing isn't team work, is it?

Or is it?

I recently heard of two novelists who work in partnership and I couldn't wait to ask them how they do it. Or rather, how they do it successfully, because Liv Thomas and Valerie Olteanu will soon become the artist known as Isabella Connor and will see their debut novel published by multi-award-winning independent Choc Lit.

Hello, Valerie...

Hello, Liv...

They told me a few things which astonished me.  I'd imagined them working in the same room and bouncing ideas off each other, but it turns out they've never met face to face. Liv lives in the UK and Valerie lives in Canada, so they're not only half a world away from each other, they're a whole time zone away, too.They're clearly very good at co-operating, which bodes well for the editorial process soon to be coming their way.

There's an interview with Liv and Valerie in December 2012 Writing Magazine, out now.

I'm really looking forward to reading their novel, and in the meantime I can follow its and their progress  on their dedicated website at www.hartswoodhill.com.


  1. Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote 'together' in two rooms, but were always individually credited. I wonder how many we'll known authors are actually two or more people.
    When younger, my daughter loved the Rainbow Magic books by Daisy Meadows, a name to cover four writers.

  2. Laura, maybe partnerships are more common than we suppose! Nicci French is a husband-and-wife crime fiction writing duo and I'm sure there must be more.

  3. Reading the article about how Liv and Valerie work together, it struck me that these two work better together than I do by myself at times! Congratulations to both of them.